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Meet the Team!

This journey was not a lone wandering but a team effort to self discovery and creativity.  Meet the rest of the team! 


Beth is a fledgling author that just started to have the courage to share the stories that have been rolling around in her head over the years. From Fantasy to Romance to FanFictions from her favorite characters the stories live inside her until the come out  on the page.

Jenn the faithful and loyal assistant has known Beth for most of their lives and always has her back.  She also has borderline unhealthy obsession with unicorns! Although a friend that you can always count on to have your back is just a rare of a mythical creature. 


Colin is the wonderful cover artist and editor that is responsible for all of Beth's covers. They start out as covers from clip art that Beth can design on her own for the online publication for beta reader, but when a story is going to print she only trusts the cover art to this artist from across the pond in England!   Recently it was also decided that he would do all of the editing for the stories going to print as well. 

Colin's Site-


The Writer Dog Tiana is always by Beth's side helping to handle life and focus on the writing. She was  born to one of Beth's best friends dogs and then was given to her by her niece or the best friends daughter. She has come to be not only an important part of the family but also to the overall writing process.

Editor Dog Rose likes to lay over Beth's shoulder to make sure the stories are just right. This pup was found at 6 months old wandering around an orchard and was taking to a local shelter the day before Beth came to donate some goats milk for the baby animals. Once she set eyes on this little sweetie they just had to take her home.


Security Dog Malcolm is always on hand to protect the team from any unseen dangers and even loosing an eye in the process. This pup was found by little Tiana when she wanted a playmate. Beth took her to the local shelter and had her met several small dogs her size. These two hit it off right away. The shelter told them that he was a little escape artist, even running from an adoption event on Halloween. Since coming to live in his new home he has changed his ways and decided to stay put. He may be down and eye but he still stands guard. 

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