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March 17th 2024
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Brogan Clan Book 2

Killian and Kayleigh Brogan may not have started out as a normal or conventual couple but they have started to find their balance just as the Clans of the Irish Mafia are being thrown off balance. War is on the Horizon for the clans and Killian and Kayleigh are just trying to get used to life as adoptive parents of a 5 year old.. There is also the small clause in the peace treaty that they need to produce an heir for each clan. With a 5 year old in the house that can be a little more tricky. 
The Clans of the Irish Mafia stand on the brink of war. Will they be able to find peace or will the war begin? What side will Tiernan end on and what will his fate be? Will he see the flaw in his thinking and side with his brother? Will he be able to spill Brogan blood? Will he even get the chance to make his final decision or does his fate already lie in the grave? How will Seamus take the betrayal of his own brother?  

Published Works

**Warning** This is not a sweet and gentle romance, this is a dark romance story and includes scenes of abuse, violence and sex. Some scenes may be too graphic for some readers. 
Killian Brogan is the heir to the throne of his family clan,the prince to his Mafia family, he had a betrothed that was kidnapped from her home and her parents were killed when she was only 6 years old. 18 years later she is still missing. Killian has waited and kept the search open for his betrothed. He has all but given up hope when he gets the call he has been waiting for, they found her.
Kayleigh Walsh has lived most of her life as Kayleigh Morgan in the United States and was just offered a promotion to detective in the NYPD but there is a small catch, she needs to go undercover with the Irish Mafia. She has no memory of her past and the only parents she has ever known were her adoptive ones. How will she react to being rescued from her life in America and learning about her past? 
The women of the Irish Mafia know to obey their men and to be respectful at all times or face punishment. Kayleigh was not raised in this world although she should have been, she was raised in America to be a strong and independent woman. What will happen when these two find themselves in the life they were destined to? Will they be able to find a balance and stand together or will they self-destruct? 


Raelyn Sage, a highly decorated detective with the Spokane Police Department, has been through something that no person should ever have to face, held prisoner, beaten, tortured and raped. Now rescued and recovering, plagued by nightmares and flashbacks she tries to get back to what could be considered a normal way of life. When her need to control gets too bad her counselor has a unorthodox and slightly crazy idea, to try being a Submissive at a local Kink club. Allow someone else to take the control.  Can she learn to give up that control? Can she trust again? Can she allow herself to love again?
Ambrose Blackwell is a successful contract and business lawyer who runs his family firm and is also the co-owner of a popular kink club in Spokane. He is tired of having mere playmates and is looking for something deeper. Unfortunately what he keeps finding are women that think he is a great meal ticket. Can he find someone that will love him for who he is and not his status or money? 
Is it possible that these two could find the balance they need or will their worlds be torn apart?

*WARNING*Crime scene are detailed and story included descriptions of abuse and torture.  


Riley Wilson is a shark researcher for the University of Newport Beach on the Coast of Rhode Island has a small problem with relationships. Mainly that the men she meets seem to be a bit intimidated that she spends her time researching and diving with large sharks all over the world. Her foster sister Jade seems to thinks she is just too much woman for one man. 
Jasper Richardson and Shane Cunninghan are a couple that is looking for someone to balance them out. Jasper is a contract lawyer for a development company and Shane is a successful architect for the same company. In some ways they are the perfect  couple and in others they are too different. They have come to the conclusion that they work better in a Triad or three way relationship. 
If Riley is too much for one man, maybe it is not a matter of the right man but finding the right men to handle her difficult job.  

Work in Progress


Emma Campbell has stayed away from her home town of Shelton, Colorado even since a house fire had taken her husband and small child from her. The town just held too many memories and too much pain. However now her father has passed away and left her the old log cabin.. She is forced to come back home to deal with the house and the memories. Can she finally give herself the holiday miracle of a second chance?
Will Young was Emma's husband's best friend and even took over as the Chief of the firehouse when Alex died. He has suffered his own tragedy when his wife left him for another man. Leaving him a single father of a small girl. Every single woman in the small town would love the chance to be her new mother just for a chance at the Chief Firefighter, He just wanted to make life as normal as he can for his daughter. When his high school crush comes back to town. He never told his best friend that he had been in love with his girlfriend and then his wife for years. Could this crush get a second chance for Christmas?  

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