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Writer Block!

The bane of the writers existence. This week I have been dealing with some major writers block about both writing and the editing stories I have been working on. The blankness of the mind is not something that is only for writers we all get it. That moment of having no creativity or inspiration for whatever you are working on. The real question is what can you do about it? Is there a tried and true way of getting past it?

The simple answer is no, there is not on simple way to just magically get over a blank mind. There are some things that help some people but not one answer for everyone. When it happens to me, sometimes I listen to music. Other times I do yoga and meditate or watch tv or do a craft or even read another book. All of these things can help me to find that inspiration again. Sometimes if I am stuck on a book I go back and read what I have written so far and then see if that sparks the next part of the story.

What all of these things have in common is that they relax me. When you get that sudden blank mind and you are trying to do something the mind tends to go into a type of panic. The stress from this panic in your mind can then hinder the mind's ability to create. It is like when you can't find your keys and you panic. The next person comes along and finds them in moments because they were right in front of you the hold time, but because of the panic you didn't see them. This is what I believe is a cause of writer's block.

Do I know this for a fact, no I am not a psychologist or anything. I have studied the mind and psychology a little bit, but not enough to know this for sure. What I do know is that once I do another activity and am able to calm down and am able to refocus my mind and come back to that center, that place of calm I can then come back to the project and try again.

It is so important to remember that our minds are like a muscle that can be overworked. Just like the other muscles of the body it needs to be worked but it also needs time to recharge and relax. If you go to the gym and lift weights for too long then your arm will get tired and you can't lift anymore. Well the same goes for you mind. It can only handle so much before it can't work anymore. Once it gets to that point and it panics to try and get something done it needs a rest and to reset for awhile. I believe the most important thing to remember when it comes to something like writers block is that you are not alone. It happens to everyone at one time or another.

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