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Deadly Betrothed

Today I will let you in on the story that become the Deadly Betrothed. This story was an interested on and it's popularity has come as somewhat of a surprise to me.

I was at my day job one day for a training and the person running the training was giving us something that sounded like it should be earth shattering new information. When she finally gave us this information it turned out to be something that was so common sense that I felt as if I had been taken hostage by the training mafia that was sent to brainwash us to think they were giving us the information that would change our professional lives. After having a good laugh with my co-worker my mind began to wonder.

I started to wonder what it would be like to be kidnapped by the mafia and that became what if you were born into the mafia. That through train then merged and became what if you were born into a mafia family and didn't know it and they kidnapped you to take you back home? That was the through that started the story idea. During the rest of the training I planned an outline and researched names and different aspects of the story.

After that a friend told me about National Novel Writing Month Challenge to write 50,000 words in the month of November and I decided to take this new idea and run with it. The story began to take shape all on its own and I simply watched as the characters developed and grew throughout the story. It was an amazing development and I was able to get to know the characters more and more as the story continued.

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